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Sheri Din

Every anniversary, I am reminded of how fortunate I am to be a part of the wonderful 4Life® family. I have been with 4Life since 2004 and have experienced 14 years of great adventure and a great sense of accomplishment and fulfilment. I have the freedom to chart my own course, and that is something I would never trade for anything. 4Life is the perfect vehicle for me to fulfil my dreams of achieving great success, even as I confront the restrictions of being a working woman.

The 4Life opportunity has allowed me to travel to many countries, cities, and towns I would never have visited on my own.* It has allowed me to forge amazing relationships with people from many ethnicities around the world and helped me to touch their lives in a beautiful way.

4Life is about changing lives—our own, those we love, and the world at large. It is a journey of exploring our hearts and minds and finding the courage and the spirit of adventure that is still captured and locked deep within our souls. It allows us to alter our mindsets forever and realize that life should be lived differently.

I feel great joy to celebrate 20 years of success with 4Life. I have a sense of pride and confidence to know that I am partnered with one of the best companies in the industry. With 4Life, I know my life will continue to be different from other people’s lives. I look forward to more years of astounding success together with 4Life and a life of meaning and magnificence. 4Life is a true gift that I will continue to share with everyone who has a deep desire to live their lives differently.

*Less than 1% of 4Life distributors qualify for incentive trips.