Corporate Events

4Life Global Connexion

October 26 - 29, 2022
Salt Palace Convention Center
Salt Lake City, UT

X marks the spot—the spot where we’ll be together at last! 4Life Global Connexion is an international event in 4Life’s hometown of Salt Lake City, Utah, and after some time apart, it just feels right to bring it back to the place where it all began.


Convention 2021: SHINE

Convention 2021: SHINE was our first-ever virtual convention, and it was amazing! 4Life executives introduced three new products, a new logo, a new 4Life value, a name change from distributor to Affiliate, and Rank Expansion. Affiliates also learned about new tools to grow their 4Life business and could view over 30 bonus workshops. Plus, we celebrated 15 years of service with Foundation 4Life®.

4Life conventions just keep getting better!

New products

4Life executives introduced one new product each day for a total of three new 4Life products. Gold Factor is a solution with microscopic gold particles that supports memory, longevity, and cellular vitality. 4Life Transfer Factor® FeelRite supports the endocannabinoid system and promotes physical comfort and emotional ease. 4Life Transfer Factor® Classic Powder Formula is a new, convenient way to support the immune system. This powder goes in any food or drink to give your immune system a boost!*

New 4Life Value: Satisfaction

David and Bianca introduced a new logo, color scheme, and a new 4Life value. To our time-tested values of Science, Success, and Service, 4Life also added Satisfaction. We value Satisfaction, both for our Preferred Customers and for our Affiliates. That’s why we have promotions; free shipping for orders over $100; and plenty of tools, apps, and guides to help our Affiliates grow their 4Life business.

15 years of service with Foundation 4Life

Foundation 4Life also celebrated 15 years of love and service around the world. Bianca and Jenna gave a fun recap of all Foundation 4Life’s service projects over the years and even had some delicious cake! They also announced that Bianca’s new book, The Sun, is now available for purchase. All proceeds will go to support Foundation 4Life’s goal of breaking the cycle of poverty around the world.

Upcoming event dates coming soon.